Toxic Torts

Burden & Hansen, LLC defends claims involving toxic torts in New York State and Western Pennsylvania, including asbestos-related cases, contamination and chemical exposure.

Our clients fall within the supply chain for toxic substances and include manufacturers, transporters, wholesalers, retailers, installers, end-users and premises owners. The claims we handle involve a range of products, including lead paint, asbestos, chemicals, mold, and tainted food.

Toxic tort defense requires attorneys who are particularly skilled in fact-finding. Determining whether a plaintiff was exposed to a toxic substance and whether that exposure caused harm is critical. Our attorneys possess the investigative experience needed in these cases. We are tenacious at eliciting facts during the discovery process, through interrogatories, document requests and depositions.

We understand the science applicable to toxic tort and chemical exposure cases, and have the background and experience to learn the science surrounding new toxic torts quickly and efficiently. The firm also regularly works with experts, including chemists, doctors, toxicologists and epidemiologists, which is essential to the successful defense of toxic tort cases.

Toxic tort litigation can be costly and time-consuming. Burden & Hansen, LLC maintains open communication with clients to ensure that we never lose sight of a client’s business considerations and objectives as we aim to resolve claims as efficiently as possible.