Day Care/Child Care Negligence

Caring for children, including young infants and toddlers, provides a significant service to the community, but is an area of work at particular risk for claims of negligence.

Children can be injured during simple, everyday play and caretakers often bear the brunt of a parent’s blame when something happens to a child, regardless of fault or the ability to prevent an unfortunate accident.

The team at Burden & Hansen, LLC defends child care/day care facilities and their employees against negligence claims across New York State and Western Pennsylvania. We handle these cases with sensitivity, mindful that emotions run high where the safety of children is concerned. Our attorneys also understand that negative publicity can drive these facilities out of business and the need for utmost confidentiality when dealing with these claims.

The attorneys at Burden & Hansen, LLC have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge handling cases involving complex state and local rules and regulations overseeing the operations of day care and child care facilities and after-school programs. We handle claims involving negligent supervision, negligent staffing, injuries on premises, bullying and playground injuries. We have the understanding necessary to handle extremely sensitive and high-exposure claims involving sexual assault allegations pertaining to child care workers, school employees and other professionals working with children in their line of business.

We work to resolve claims in a cost-efficient manner through mediation, negotiations and motion practice if possible. A trial can be costly for a child care facility, especially if publicity inflicts economic damage. However, we are seasoned trial lawyers and present a vigorous defense in court when necessary.