Nursing Home Negligence

Burden & Hansen, LLC defends owners, operators and employees of nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, and skilled nursing, assisted-living and subacute facilities against claims of neglect, abuse and malpractice.

We understand that because family members are fiercely protective of loved ones residing in a nursing home, individuals who own, operate or are employed by a nursing home may find themselves facing claims of nursing home malpractice.

Our attorneys handle virtually every type of case that arises in the operation of these facilities throughout New York State and in Western Pennsylvania. We routinely defend against claims of malnutrition and dehydration and those related to falls, including from beds and lifts. We also address allegations involving sexual, physical and financial abuse; dosage errors; failure to treat; bed sores/wound care; and staffing issues. For the most serious of these cases, including wrongful death, we have an Emergency Response Team in place and ready to deploy 24/7 for immediate response to catastrophic accidents.

We are well versed in the regulatory issues and investigative and discovery processes involved in cases against care facilities. Our attorneys visit the site and meet with our clients to help understand the claim. We understand the terminology utilized and can interpret medical and nursing records to evaluate the patient’s treatment and determine whether it was consistent with the standard of care. We are skilled at eliciting valuable information in depositions, and have worked extensively with a variety of experts, including doctors, nurses and human factors experts.

From the moment we take your case, our team at Burden & Hansen, LLC provides personal comprehensive legal representation and keeps you educated about the progress of your case at every turn. Our attorneys lay the groundwork for the development of sound strategies aimed at resolving claims as quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible, through motion practice and negotiation. When early resolution is not feasible, we employ our extensive trial experience in a zealous courtroom defense of our clients.