Sexual Assault

Allegations of sexual assault carry high risks for all involved.

These allegations can undermine credibility and image, affect hiring, damage a brand, send profits into a downward spiral and result in negative media exposure. Facing allegations of sex crimes can be humiliating and frightening and has a significant impact on reputations and relationships.

Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC recognizes how critical it is to act quickly when claims are made alleging sexual assault. Often these claims seek significant damages, including possible excess exposure and/or claims of punitive damages. We launch an immediate investigation, visiting the location; interviewing the accused, other supervisors, co-workers, and witnesses; and gathering extensive records necessary to vigorously defend against sexual assault claims. We are experienced and proficient at examining and evaluating medical and mental health records. Additional facts are elicited in skillfully conducted depositions.

The team at Burden, Hafner & Hansen, LLC handles these and other types of sensitive matters across New York and Western Pennsylvania for such public-sector employers as municipalities, school districts, and fire and police departments and for a range of private-sector employers, including transportation entities, private institutions, religious orders, landowners, child care facilities and those in the hospitality industry. Our attorneys make every effort to resolve matters related to sexual assault quickly, with sensitivity and confidentiality, while supporting our client’s objectives and goals.