Municipal Law/Government Liability

Burden & Hansen, LLC defends municipal corporations, special districts and public benefit corporations in New York State and Western Pennsylvania.

The firm represents entities including, but not limited to, counties, cities, towns and villages; police departments; school districts; fire districts and municipal fire departments; and transportation authorities. The firm’s practice area is statewide, with our attorneys representing both large and small communities and urban and rural municipalities throughout New York State and Western Pennsylvania.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the unique statutes applicable to these claims, including the General Municipal Law, and federal and state laws that apply to these governmental entities. We defend against personal injury claims including falls and injuries on governmental property, motor vehicle accidents including emergency vehicles and school buses, and claims of defective road or highway design. Our attorneys handle premises liability cases stemming from accidents at recreational sites, such as parks and playgrounds, and events such as fundraisers and community activities.

Burden & Hansen, LLC represents governmental clients in many other types of matters, such as discrimination and other civil rights violations, sexual harassment, First Amendment speech claims, defamation, false arrest and excessive force claims against police officers. We defend school districts in all these matters as well as against claims unique to educational services providers. We understand the defenses and legal immunities that are uniquely applicable to governmental entities and public employees.

Throughout our representation, we remain cognizant of our clients’ unique role as public entities, including the effect of litigation on their operations, resources, reputation and other considerations that are important to our clients as they provide services to the general public. We make every effort to effectuate resolution via voluntary discontinuance, pre-answer dismissal and dispositive motion practice. When that is not possible, we employ innovative methods geared toward resolution in a time-effective manner and aimed at avoiding drawn-out litigation where feasible. Our experience as seasoned trial attorneys gives us an edge in the courtroom in zealously defending our municipal clients.