The defense against No-Fault claims demands attorneys with experience and expertise in the area of New York’s No-Fault laws.

Our attorneys have lectured at seminars and provided training to our clients explaining the intricacies of New York’s No-Fault laws.

The attorneys at Burden & Hansen, LLC have the skills required to vigorously defend against No-Fault claims. We represent insurance companies and self-insured businesses at No-Fault proceedings, including analyzing the legal issues involved with each claim, conducting Examinations Under Oath, and cross-examining witnesses during hearings and in the courtroom. Our attorneys also have an intricate understanding of the grounds necessary to vacate and/or modify an arbitration award or appeal a decision, and the procedures to accomplish that goal.

Burden & Hansen, LLC keeps the client’s objectives and goals in sight as we work to resolve matters efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible. We are skilled at developing creative solutions to resolving claims. When resolution is not possible, our extensive experience as trial lawyers provides clients with formidable courtroom representation.