Civil Rights

Civil rights defense is a unique area of law requiring exceptional knowledge of federal statutory and constitutional law and all of its pitfalls and unique characteristics.

Burden & Hansen, LLC defends clients against claims of civil rights violations, including false arrest, excessive force, cruel and unusual punishment, failure to monitor/suicide, unlawful detention, and unconstitutional policies and procedures, and claims of violation of constitutional rights, including free speech, to name a few.

We represent employers against claims of discrimination based on age, race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual preference and other protected classifications in hiring, promotion, termination and related employment matters. We defend clients in sexual harassment cases that emerge in the workplace as well as outside during the course of business.

Among our public-sector clients are municipalities, police departments, school districts, fire districts and fire departments, and transportation authorities. We are adept at handling sensitive cases involving injury and death occurring during custody. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle these difficult cases with fairness and the utmost confidentiality.

Civil rights allegations can draw media attention and cast clients in a negative light. Burden & Hansen, LLC has the experience and knowledge to act quickly to protect our clients’ reputation and defend and advocate for them. Our attorneys are accomplished in presenting strong cases backed by compelling evidence and persuasive legal arguments, and are well-equipped to protect our clients’ interests, both in the courtroom at trial and through mediation, negotiation and motion practice.