Retail, Restaurant and Hospitality

Opening your doors to the general public can open your doors to lawsuits and litigation.

Burden & Hansen, LLC routinely represents a wide range of clients throughout New York State and Western Pennsylvania in the retail and hospitality industries, including grocers, convenience markets, warehouse clubs, pharmacies, discount clothing stores, big-box stores, department stores, restaurants, hotels and motels, bus companies, amusement parks, theme parks, fairs and carnivals.

We focus our practice on premises and products liability, food adulteration, Dram Shop and third-party tort actions. Our attorneys defend against slip-and-falls/trip-and-falls and other injury claims involving employee negligence. We defend cases involving maintenance, inspection and failure to warn claims and claims alleging negligent security/staffing. Our attorneys are experienced in employment law and defend retail and hospitality clients against claims in areas including discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment. In partnership with our clients, our attorneys work to develop strategies for the handling of litigated matters that best suit our clients’ business objectives, whether through early negotiation and resolution of disputes, success on dispositive motions, trial or appeal.

When it comes to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industry, we understand that how you treat your clients means everything, and our team at Burden & Hansen, LLC espouses the same philosophy in addressing the legal defense needs of our clients. We understand that when a patron brings a claim or lawsuit, not only does a business risk legal action, but also its reputation and goodwill. We aim to bring the same kind of personalized, high-quality client service and attention to detail that our clients aim to provide in their own businesses.