Labor Law and Workplace Safety

Burden & Hansen, LLC’s attorneys have the knowledge necessary to navigate claims under the New York Labor Law and to meticulously investigate construction accidents in order to craft the best defense for our clients.

We have a thorough understanding of building contracts, construction plans, indemnity contracts between subcontractors, and enforcement of the obligations set forth with building codes, standards and workplace injury law.

We handle claims under the New York State Labor Law Sections 200, 240 (“Scaffold Law”) and 241, involving significant injuries and/or death occurring on construction sites. Defending against these claims requires familiarity with construction practices, as well as a thorough understanding of indemnity agreements, hold harmless agreements, additional insured endorsements and issues of insurance coverage. Our experienced team understands the legal issues and knows the agencies and people involved in the full range of safety matters that our clients face, and is familiar with OSHA regulatory compliance issues.

The attorneys at Burden & Hansen, LLC have decades of experience in the investigation and discovery process so critical to defending against these kinds of high exposure claims. We have a dedicated group of attorneys that are available 24/7 to respond quickly to accidents involving significant injuries and loss of life. Our attorneys handle on-the-scene investigation of losses, including retention and coordination of experts, preservation of evidence and management of a defense immediately after a major loss, to set the stage for a strong defense if a claim is made.

Confronted with a claim seeking compensation for such severe injuries, an insurance carrier needs an aggressive defense by attorneys who are prepared to thoroughly investigate, negotiate and, if necessary, try a case to verdict. Our goal is to resolve all claims as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible through thorough claim investigation, risk assessment and evaluation of potential exposure of insureds, and by recommending strategies for successful disposition of claims pre-suit, negotiating settlements and engaging in alternative dispute resolution. Our decades of experience give us the edge in the courtroom.