Construction Defect

Claims of direct and incidental damage due to a contractor’s or subcontractor’s work are part of doing business for both residential and commercial contractors, and can be complex and costly as well.

The attorneys at Burden & Hansen, LLC use innovative thinking in solving legal issues to manage the legal process in an effort to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines. We rely on our knowledge and extensive experience in the investigative and discovery process to defend against these claims, involving construction defect, mold and breach of contract, as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

We handle cases in New York State and Western Pennsylvania. We defend insurers and insureds, including but not limited to developers, general contractors and subcontractors, builders, and third-party defendants’ employers in matters arising from the planning, design and construction of residential and commercial buildings, including condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings, subdivisions and other planned developments, office parks, and parking garages.

Our clients face claims of design defects, faulty construction, the use of improper materials and deficient materials, and common law negligence, as well as breach of contract and breach of warranty claims. We also represent clients in cases related to property damage and personal injury that result from structural damage or collapse.

Burden & Hansen, LLC is experienced in handling on-the-scene investigations of losses, including the retention and coordination of experts and preservation of evidence. Our aggressive approach in the early stages of a case helps to ensure a strong negotiating position from which to resolve the matter in a cost-effective and timely manner. When resolution is not possible, the pretrial work equips our attorneys for a zealous courtroom defense.