Professional Liability

When a dissatisfied client or patient sues a professional, that person’s livelihood, reputation, license and the right to practice are under threat.

Burden & Hansen, LLC understands not only the unique challenges and issues presented by these kinds of claims, but the risks these claims and lawsuits carry. Our attorneys move quickly to defend our clients’ reputations and maintain their professional standings.

Our team at Burden & Hansen, LLC represents professionals throughout New York State and Western Pennsylvania, including insurance agents and carriers; physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals; engineers; directors and officers; attorneys; and architects. We handle errors and omissions matters, as well as allegations of misconduct, fraud and malpractice.

Across all our firm’s practices, we maintain open communication with our clients, which is essential in defending professionals. They are the experts in these cases, and we consult closely with them throughout the process, from the notice of claim stage to the ultimate resolution of the case, whether through mediation, settlement or trial. When necessary, we also leverage outside resources to gain intimate knowledge of a particular profession and/or to provide us with a better understanding of the type of claim being brought against our client.

The attorneys at Burden & Hansen, LLC defend professional claims in courts at the state and federal levels. We are seasoned trial attorneys, known for our attention to detail, aggressive defense tactics and robust defense of clients. And, as professionals, we understand exactly what is at stake in matters of professional liability.